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We hope that you have had an opportunity to speak with our team directly or to read our press release about our new partnership with American International Group, Inc. (AIG). Earlier this year, AIG made a significant investment in NSM Insurance Group in order to establish a unique platform to drive growth in our specialty niche program business. As a key program in NSM’s portfolio, Care Providers Insurance Services, along with our partner agents and insured customers, will greatly benefit from this new alliance.

we will maintain our agile, creative culture It is important to note that NSM Insurance Group will still operate as a stand-alone entity, completely autonomous from AIG. We will maintain our agile, creative culture and we will continue to be an industry leader in the program, retail, and wholesale spaces. It is also important to note that NSM will continue to work with our key carrier partners as appropriate for the niche industries we serve. They have been and continue to be great partners for the programs in which we are aligned.

Consequently, we have decided to transition the Care Providers Insurance Program to AIG paper. In the coming months, we will begin an orderly, state-by-state transition from Arch paper to AIG paper for all accounts. Until the AIG admitted program filings are approved in all states, we will continue to offer our current Arch products. We have enjoyed an extraordinary relationship with Arch Insurance Group, and NSM will continue to partner with them on several other programs within its portfolio.

Our valued agents and insured customers will continue to enjoy the same outstanding customer service that is at the heart of our business. At the same time, the AIG investment will allow us to offer a more comprehensive product with coverage enhancements, an expanded risk appetite, and many more niche-specific risk management services and tools. The CPS team and processes will remain the same, our unique products and coverage forms will remain the same, and we will continue to partner with York Risk Services to provide expert claim adjusting support.

Click here to read the full press release in the Insurance Journal about AIG's investment in NSM Insurance Group. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me at rhedlund@nsminc.com or 800-761-7072 x1310. We thank you for your business and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Randy Hedlund, Director
Care Providers Insurance Services

Workplace Safety Webinars

Our partners at Texas Mutual believe that an investment in workplace safety is an investment in a company's employees and bottom line. They will be hosting the following webinars about workplace safety:

The Hierarchy of Controls: 5 Pillars of Workplace Safety
On June 5th, learn how to put the hierarchy of safety controls to work in preventing accidents. Register

Safety Training: Speaking Your Employees' Language
On July 10th, join us to learn about how to get the most out of your employee safety training and get access to free Texas Mutual safety training resources. Register

The Highlight Reel
On August 7th, tune in to get the highlights of recent webinars during this overview of our 2015 first and second quarter offerings. Register

Loss Analysis: A Safety Story Waiting to be Told
On September 4th, join us to learn how to evaluate your safety program by looking at the "big picture" provided by your injury data. Register

You can also visit the Texas Mutual website to watch past webinars and review past presentations for both agents and policyholders.

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Summer Camp

As summer approaches, and summer youth camps and sports camps begin, it is important to remember the potential risks associated with running a camp for young people. Physical injury, illness, abuse, and property damage are only a few of the risks that must be managed throughout the program. Controlling these risks can be extremely challenging; therefore, it is important to implement policies and procedures that will protect the program, staff, and campers. Camp owners can take these proactive measures can help mitigate risk:

1. Regularly inspect all facilities and equipment to be utilized by participants.

2. Require guardians to sign waivers and release forms to reduce the camp's liability.

3. Carefully screen staff to minimize risk of abuse or sexual misconduct.

4. Assemble a risk management committee to review existing policies and assess their effectiveness post-program.

The teams at Care Providers and Sports & Wellness Insurance are committed to helping their clients to reduce the risks associated with running youth camps and sports camps. Click below to learn more about risk management for summer camps.

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Risk Management Insights

Concussion Risk Program

Concussions, once thought of as mild head injuries, are now classified as “mild traumatic brain injuries.” This change occurred in response to the discovery of vast amounts of new information about concussions and their lasting side effects. The CDC estimates that there are between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussions related to sports and recreation in the U.S. each year, with up to 10% of athletes experiencing a concussion each athletic season. The majority of these injuries do not involve loss of consciousness, and 47% produce no immediate symptoms whatsoever. Therefore, many concussions go unnoticed or under treated, resulting in lasting medical problems for the patient.

boy heading soccer ballIn terms of diagnosis and recovery, understanding the symptoms of a concussion is crucial for preventing further brain trauma. After a concussion has been identified, it is important for recovery to be monitored by a healthcare professional. The treatment process varies greatly based on the individual and the severity of his or her injury; however, physical and cognitive rest are crucial in all cases. Youth and amateur sports coaches should have a firm understanding of how to identify and respond to suspected concussion, and how to facilitate a player's gradual return to play.

Many organizations are implementing formal Concussion Risk Programs to prevent repetitive and second impact head injuries. These programs are vital to both light and heavy contact sports organizations, which face potential litigation for failure to train coaches, inspect equipment, provide adequate protective equipment, remove from field of play, and enforce a return to play policy. To be effective, these programs must also be compliant with current legislation, formalized in writing, and formally acknowledged by players, coaches, and parents.

The expert underwriters at NSM’s Sports & Wellness Insurance program advise that an effective Concussion Risk Program includes the following components: (1) Baseline testing, (2) Mandated pre-season exam conducted by a trained health care professional and used to assess an athlete’s balance and brain function, (3) Signed release from a medical doctor prior to returning to play after suffering from a concussion or head injury, (4) Mandated concussion training for all coaches at least once every two years

The Sports & Wellness Insurance program offers specialized insurance to protect the sports and fitness industry from risks like these. When you work with Sports & Wellness Insurance, you have access to broad, competitively priced coverages, expert underwriting, and outstanding customer service. For more information, visit us online at www.nsmsportsinsurance.com or contact Brad Hogan, Underwriting Manager, at bthogan@nsminc.com or 800-761-7072 x1389.

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